6 to 8-say ski passes

Internet offer discount on your 6 to 8-day pass ordered minimum 6 days before the 1st skiing day

6-day pass at - 5 %, child :

6-day pass child full price:

- 5 % adult :

Adult full price:

Ski in Valfréjus & La Norma with 1 possible skiing day in the 4 other HMV ski resorts:

Unlimited access to nordic skiing areas:

Free for children born in 2019 and after and for seniors born in 1948 and before. (Take this pass with mandatory proof at the cash desk directly)

– If you are reloading your ski passes, you must have valid cards in your possession, and you will need to enter their identification numbers (14 digits).

Please ensure that the date you chose for your 1st skiing day  is correct. It is usually the day after your arrival at Valfréjus.